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Our Coffee   
Our Mission

From Our Hands to YORZ

Welcome to YORZ Coffee

We are a specialty coffee company dedicated to crafting exceptional coffee products and creating unforgettable coffee experiences for all enthusiasts.

We are coffee growers.

We are a social enterprise with a mission to the coffee growers.


Our Farm

Chiliarch Coffee Estate is located in Puer, Yunnan, our coffee is cultivated organically in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

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Our Coffee

Specialty coffee cultivated organically.

Cherries are hand harvested and skillfully processed.

Expertly roasted to perfection.

Our Mission

A social enterprise with a mission to the less privileged coffee communities.

Explore Our Collection

Our collection is carefully curated to bring you only the best of specialty coffee. From single-origin beans to unique blends, our collection has something for everyone. Click here to explore our collection.

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Buy Our Coffee

Our products are currently available to be purchased within Singapore. You will be redirected to our e-commerce page.

Address:    2299 Yan'an West Road

                      West Block Level 6 Unit B601

                      Shanghai, China

                      41 Kallang Pudding Road

                      #04-07 Singapore 349316


Phone:          400-101-2801



                       © 2023 by YORZ Coffee International

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