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Drying of coffee at Chiliarch Coffee Estate

Organically Cultivated
Environmentally Conscious

We cultivate and grow our coffee organically in an environmentally sustainable way. Our coffee cherries are all hand harvested and undergo meticulous processing, including the Washed, Natural, and Honey Methods, yielding Specialty-Grade Arabica beans renowned for their exceptional quality.

Coffee Processing

Coffee processing is a very important part of what we do at Chiliarch. Besides the traditional Washed, Natural and Honey methods which we use, we often experiment different other new methods to discover new and different profile of our beans.

Washed Process

As the cherries turn red and ripe, they are handpicked and put through a pulping process. The cherry skin mechanically, leaving the seeds with the mucilage intact on the parchments. The seeds are then placed in water to naturally ferment and remove the remaining mucilage left on the seed. Once fermented, the seeds go through a vigorous second wash, and any leftover mucilage is removed. Thereafter, they are sent to the drying stage. This washed process is known to give the coffee distinct and light-tasting notes.

Washed coffee processing of coffee berries at Chiliarch Coffee Estate
Natural processing of coffee berries at Chiliarch Coffee Estate

Natural Process

Cherries are picked at the perfect point of ripeness. They are put to dry on raised covered beds for about three weeks to allow the seed to soak all the natural sugars in its cherry. This fermentation process draws out wildly rich flavours and aromas ranging from lychee to a strawberry jam in the beans.

Honey Process

Once the cherry skin has been removed, the mucilage is left on the seed to dry. The mucilage has a sticky texture and a golden amber color that looks somewhat like honey. Our Honey Process uses a combination of washed and natural techniques. The mucilage is dried on the seed and mechanically removed without water. This process disseminates distinctive flavors and aromas into the coffee. The exquisite aromas and flavors of this coffee are formed during the fermentation of sugars and pectin from the mucilage.

Inspection and drying of green coffee at Chiliarch Coffee Estate
David Ouyang_edited.jpg

Ou Yang Specialty Beans

Our specialty beans are named Ou Yang coffee after one of our founders, David Ouyang who runs Chiliarch Coffee Estate. Ouyang Beans are very well received among the roasters in London, South Korea, Canada, and Singapore and have won awards at the Australian International Coffee Awards in 2020 and 2022.

Ou Yang has precisely the kind of approach to coffee and farming that we wish to support, so it’s with great pleasure that we have been able to buy his coffee... 

-Anette Moldvaer, Co-founder and green coffee buyer of Square Mile Coffee Roasters, London

Our first coffee from China is called Ou Yang. It’s a small lot of naturally processed coffee from Yunnan, and it shows just what great Chinese coffee can be: sweet, interesting and delicious.

​-Kiss the Hippo, London

Mr Ou is passionate about coffee and the communities engaged in its cultivation and processing. He sees coffee farming and the prices he can access by producing high-quality beans as a way for him to help lift the members of the local hill tribes he works with out of poverty...

​-IndoChina Coffee, London

Mr Ou Yang and his team are dedicated to growing coffee organically & sustainably. Working together with a closely-knitted group of farmers include people of different ethnicities such as those from Yi Zu and Lisu minority groups, Ou Yang Coffee reaches places across the globe from Singapore to Germany.

​-Foreward Coffee Roaster, Singapore

Australian International Coffee Awards

Ou Yang Natural beans was awarded Silver medal in 2020 and Bronze in 2022 in the Espresso Single Origin category. This is a remarkable achievement for us considering the number of strong participants in this world renowned competition. It is also an encouragement for us and an affirmation of the direction we are going.

Roasting coffee at our roastery

Coffee Roasting At Origin

Experience the true essence of coffee with our unique approach to roasting at origin, deeply rooted in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. At YORZ Coffee, we believe that sustainability starts at the source. That's why we roast our coffee beans right at the origin, preserving their freshness and aroma in every cup while reducing our carbon footprint.

Roasting at origin not only benefits the environment but also uplifts the community and people at the source. By roasting our coffee beans locally, we seek to create employment opportunities, support local businesses, and contribute to the economic development of coffee-producing regions.

Join us on a journey of discovery as we take you through the art of coffee roasting at origin. From the lush coffee farms of Yunnan, China, to your cup, every step is carefully crafted to deliver an exceptional coffee experience that is not only delicious but also socially and environmentally responsible. Experience the difference with YORZ Coffee - where every cup tells a story of sustainability, quality, and passion.

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