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The front view of Chiliarch Coffee Estate
The beautiful drone view of the Chiliarch Coffee Estate

Chiliarch Coffee Estate

Chiliarch Coffee Estate, the birthplace of YORZ Coffee, spans 84 hectares in Jiangcheng County, Pu’er Prefecture, Yunnan Province, Southwest China. Our coffee beans thrive at an elevation ranging from 900 to 1300 meters, under an average temperature of 20.4°C, and are nourished by an annual rainfall of 1600mm.

We cultivate and grow our coffee farming organically, in a manner that respects the environment and ensures sustainability. Each coffee cherry is harvested by hand and then processed using a combination of traditional and modern methods to bring out their unique flavors and aromas.

Pictures taken of the life at Chiliarch Coffee Estate
Inspection of the Green beans

Ou Yang Beans

The specialty coffee we grow at Chiliarch Coffee Estate are named Ou Yang beans, after one of our founders, David Ouyang. He is also the Managing director of the Estate and oversaw the establishment of Chiliarch Coffee Estate. Ou Yang beans are very well received by roasters in London, Singapore, Canada, and South Korea and have won awards at the Australian International Coffee Awards in 2020 and 2022.

Community of Coffee Growers

Our expert coffee growers are a closely knit community which consists of families from the Lisu, Yi, Miao, and Hani tribes of Yunnan.  If you have a chance to visit our Coffee Estate and interact with them, you will notice the families living and working together as a big family. They watch out for each other, take care of each other’s children, as their children attend the same school and grow together. The team also regularly visits nearby village together during their free time to interact and provide support for the needy families.

Community of Coffee Farmers

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                      Shanghai, China

                      41 Kallang Pudding Road

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Phone:          400-101-2801



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